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Our office provides the best consulting services

AlKhatib Engineering Bureau proudly offers an integrated and distinctive range of engineering and design consulting services. Our services are centered around meeting the client's requirements and providing them with meticulously studied plans and solutions by the best experts and consultants. Driven by our skills, technical capabilities, and extensive experience, we strive to deliver professional and high-quality services that consistently meet the needs of our clients and earn their satisfaction.

Through the Office's Design Departments and its associated firms in Italy, we bring to the table creative and practical designs that meet the clients' standards.

KEB supports clients whom need advice and professional adjustments to get the best value out of their project designs. In addition, KEB also participates in projects where only supervision is necessary. This service is done by experienced project supervisors from the office.

We also are certified by the authorities in issuing the necessary permits for the projects.


KEB has planned, initiated and concluded hundreds of successful projects applying construction and project management methods, which have been developing over three decades of construction experience.

From creating project plans to assigning responsibilities, the office has been proven to be among the national leaders in Project Management when it comes to professional execution and handing over prestigious projects to clients. The Office is recognized and ranked on the Saudi Arabian Municipality list of certified consultants in all construction fields, and is recognized among the top firms especially in the industrial and residential fields.

Project Management

Conducted by Eng. AlKhatib personally, who is a participant in arbitration organizations within different real estate and construction cases.

Eng. AlKhatib is a member of the Commercial Arbitration Center ("GCCE"), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA") and is a Federal Consultant for Islamic Countries ("FCIC").


The engineering department studies the designs and ensures that compliance with the specifications and instructions issued by the competent authorities.

This includes coordination with civil defense, traffic studies and more.

Security & Safety Consultancy

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